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Regular Dental Hygiene Visit


More than Just a Cleaning

Everyone wants a beautiful smile with clean white teeth and healthy gums. People love the feeling of newly cleaned and polished teeth, but they also appreciate the peace of mind that comes from better overall heath that a dental hygiene visit provides.  

First, to keep your teeth clean and white we gently remove any ugly tartar by hand.  Then your teeth will be polished which help remove staining and bring out shine.  This also makes your gums much healthier.  It gets rid of inflammation and swelling in the gums and keeps a healthy look.  Finally, these cleanings help bad breath.    

But, that is just the start, each hygiene visit is a thorough check of your oral health.  Did you know that your overall health can affect your oral health and visa-versa?  Because this is so important to your health we spend a significant amount of time with you. We sit down and talk to you and genuinely get to know you.  

What do hygiene visits include?  

We want you to be confident about your smile and health! Regular hygiene visits provide a thorough evaluation of your mouth. At every hygiene visit we do an oral cancer exam, including the surrounding skin and face, a head and neck exam looking for swollen lymph nodes, thyroid enlargement, as well as other potential health issues. We also carefully monitor the health of your gums, using multiple measurements, to see if there are signs of infection, noting any changes since the last visit. We check the integrity of your fillings and for any cracks in your teeth. We look for signs of worn teeth and grinding which can be indicative of other conditions: sleep apnea, headaches, or acid reflux, to name a few. We take your general health into account as well. We make sure that we are providing the best hygiene visit possible, as we value our patients’ time and health.  

If you want to schedule an appointment with us, email us at or give us a call at 207-775-0001. We are located in Portland, Maine.

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