Our Office and Community Service

The Comfort of Our Office

Our office is clean and comfortable. When you first walk in the door we will happily greet you, and then you can relax in our waiting room overlooking the Fore River Sanctuary.  We value your time so we make every effort to see you promptly.  We have a wide selection of magazines and books in our waiting room and are always happy to copy an article for you! 

Community Service 

Dr. Kerr is a fan of community service as he wants to make the world a better place. He sponsors Portland Trails, has donated free dental care to locals in need, and has gone to Guatemala to give free dental care.  

Portland Trails is a non-profit land trust that has made Portland one of the healthiest communities in the country by making trails for running and biking. (Portland now ranks #34 for healthiest cities in the country according to this article.) Our office is located right next to one of the Portland Trails through the Fore River Sanctuary. Quietly tucked away behind the city, this marsh is home to a variety of birds, fish, and animals. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot a heron or a deer!  

Giving back to the local community is a passion of Dr. Kerr and his office. Dr. Kerr provides the best quality dental care available because he truly cares for his patients. This spirit of caring is extended by donating free dental care to those in need.  He has been a member of Dental Lifeline, an organization which donates dental care to those in need, for over 15 years. 

Dr. Kerr has travelled to Guatemala with the Open Wide Foundation. This foundation brings together dentists from all over the world to spend time giving free dental care to the residents of Guatemala City. Guatemala has suffered political unrest in recent years, forcing many of their residents to live under the international poverty line.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kerr, you can email patientcare@drkerr.com or call him at 207-775-0001. His office is located in Portland, Maine.