Comprehensive Care

Giving you comprehensive care means we think about your overall health; not just your oral health

We Understand Your Goals 

Dr. Kerr gives you comprehensive care so you can attain your dental goals. Do you want a more beautiful smile? Do you need your mouth to be more functional for chewing? Do you want to snore less? Dr. Kerr can help.  

Dr. Kerr can perform a wide range of up to date and proven treatments. This wide range of capabilities helps you see the big picture as Dr. Kerr works to treat the big picture.  Together we are able to make a plan and meet your long-term goals.  You tell us your opinions and concerns. We listen.  

We Provide Quality Care 

Dr. Kerr’s caring attitude and use of state of the art technology will create quality care for you.  Dr. Kerr is kind, fast, and efficient which produces excellent results for our patients. In addition, our use of technology creates top-knotch dental care. For instance, one of our many technologies allows us to digitally plan your smile before we do anything to your teeth. This is a new technique that has just begun to start saving patients’ valuable time and money. It also improves quality of care.  

Because Dr. Kerr is trained in such a large variety of dental techniques, it is often (but not always) a one-stop shop to getting your dental health maintained and improved. This comprehensive approach makes dentistry much easier than it ever was before.  

If we need to refer you out to a specialist, Dr. Kerr has developed a network of excellent practitioners. He works closely with each one of them and directs overall treatment. The tight knit team of Dr. Kerr and his network of practitioners makes your treatment far better.  

We have your Long-Term Health in Mind  

We always have your long-term health in mind. This makes you healthier for longer and cuts down on the number of the times you’ll have to see the dentist. An added benefit of keeping your long-term health as our number one priority, you will not have to spend as much time and hassle coming to the dentist. We work with your insurance, and will provide you with many options to finance your dental care, which will ultimately give you long-lasting health and a happier you!  

Our office is located in Portland, Maine. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, contact us at 207-775-0001 or email us at