Calming Dental Anxiety

We Care About You  

Are you anxious or afraid to go to the dentist? Dr. Kerr understands this is a reality for many people. He understands that just getting through the door sometimes is a big step.  We will work with you to calm dental anxiety. 

We will always talk to you. We are always willing to explain things, go over treatment plans more than once, and listen to you. We will be your #1 partner when it comes to your dental health, so we listen to your worries and concerns.  

Our Calm Approach to Reduce Anxiety 

While anti-anxiety medication may work in the short term, working with Dr. Kerr on systematic desensitization can make for long lasting and permanent reduction in anxiety. Systematic desensitization means that you take small steps towards overcoming your fears. Each step is manageable and not overwhelming. In each small step you learn to be calm and relaxed.  

For instance, Dr. Kerr has had patients where they couldn’t even walk into the building on their first visit. Dr. Kerr would just walk outside into the parking lot, and cheerily say “hello”. On their next visit, the patient may only walk into the lobby of the medical building he is in and then leave. On another visit, the patient may walk into the waiting room. On another visit, they may sit in the dental chair and leave.  Eventually, the patient will work up the confidence to get their much-needed dental care done.  

Systematic desensitization has been proven many times in many different types of situations to reduce anxiety. It works for the long run and can eliminate the need for any supplemental anti-anxiety medications.  

To learn more about this give Dr. Kerr a call and he will be glad to set up an appointment only to talk about how this works.  Call 207-775-0001 or email Our office is located in Portland, Maine.