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Regular Hygiene Visit – More than just a cleaning

Everyone wants a beautiful smile with clean white teeth and healthy gums. Regular hygiene visits also provide a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health. At every hygiene visit we do an oral cancer exam, including the surrounding skin and face, a head and neck exam looking for swollen lymph nodes, thyroid enlargement, as well as other potential health issues. We also carefully monitor the health of your gums, using multiple measurements, to see if there are signs of infection, noting any changes since the last visit. We check the integrity of your fillings, and for any cracks in your teeth that can lead to extraction. We take your general health into account as well. We look for signs of worn teeth and grinding which can be indicative of other conditions: sleep apnea, headache, or acid reflux, to name a few. Our patients of course love the feeling of newly cleaned and polished teeth, but they also appreciate the peace of mind that comes with a thorough oral health check.

Proper Flossing Technique

Proper Toothbrushing Technique