State of the Art Technology

State of the Art Technology

Our facility has state of the art dental equipment and we are on the forefront of the latest clinical techniques. We use low dosed digital x-rays, can create digital 3D images of your jaw (this technique is called conebeam imaging), and are able to create a crown while you are in the office! This technology allows me to digitally plan your smile and show you what your mouth will look like before I do any procedures.

Cerec Image

This is a digitally designed tooth restoration. I can design, fabricate, and cement the crown all in one visit!

maine integrative dentistry tooth milling

This is our tooth milling machine creating the tooth we design in office. Milling a tooth only takes minutes.

Smile Design

Before we improve your smile, we plan your smile with one of our digital tools so you can see what the outcome will be.